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  1. It's usual to see first time viewers of my work with their noses pressed up to the glass, trying to fathom out how the 'painting' they are looking can actually be made of wool and other natural fibres.  In case you wondered what it looks like before I tease, twist, blend and 'fluff it up a bit' with a single needle between my fingertips, here is a little bit of wool that I've been using to create my unique textile art.


  2. I have been hand-cutting and hand-sewing my popular corsages for several years - lots of my lovely customers sport them on their coats each year - but I have decided it is now time to say a fond farewell to them this winter as my supply of beautiful British Wool fabric comes to an end.    

    So..........they have been reduced from £10 to £5 each.  Perfect at as stocking filler or a little treat for yourself.  Why not choose one or two in person at one of my winter events which are all a lovely day out and a great source of Christmas shopping.  Take a look at the Events page to plan your trip.


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